About me...

I have started to learnSoftware development back in 1981, starting with BASIC on the TRS-80 at school. My first contracted development was done in C language on anAtariST computer together with a friend.

Then I finally started software development for Mac in 1987. In 1989 I was officially registered as Apple Developer (#901 in Germany).

After some detours with Macromedia Director (including development of some Xtras), Web-Site Authoring and finally building the software for a Theme-Park showcased during Expo 2000 I returned to "pure" Mac development.

In 2002 I started my job at Aladdin Knowledge Systems to develop License Enforcement solutions for Mac OS X. Aladdin Knowledge Systems was later acquired by SafeNet Inc. and is now owned by Gemalto Group. My role has evolved as well. Now I am Project Lead Engineer in the Advanced Security Team inside the Software Monetization Business Unit.

Aside to this I kept my own company for some contract development and for running my own projects. Among these I do experiments with RasPi boards and some light-weight hardware on a breaboard.

Last not least I am officially self-employed with a Photovoltaic Powerplant on my homes roof. 

When there is time left, I like photography, concerts and from time to time I am DJing in my favorite club. Don't forget about family life... yes there is still time left for wife and kids.